Design 2B: Experimental Computing

Topic Presentations



Each week, a student will be assigned a designer, artist, or topic to present on. Usually, the topic will go along with the reading

If you are the discussion leader, you’ll be asked to present the following:

  • A 10 minute presentation on the reading. Create a visually interesting presentation that captures the idea behind the reading. What is the author trying to say? Do you agree with what he’s saying? How does it relate to this class? How does it relate to you as an artist or designer?
  • Be sure to research what time period the article is from, and what else was going on in the world. How does the text reflect what you know was happening elsewhere?
  • If the article mentions other topics (i.e a museum website that you’ve never heard of, or an art historical movement) be sure to have a few slides about this, as well. Also, if the author is a designer or artist, be sure to show us some of their work.
  • Your presentation should end with 2 discussion questions for the class.

If you are an audience member, you’ll do this:

  • If you are an audience member, you’ll be asked to do the following: Submit one discussion question to that week’s google doc. Please be sure to write your initial before the question so that you receive credit for participating.