Design 2B: Experimental Computing

Pick 10



In a 2012 project titled The Last Pictures, artist Trevor Paglen compiled 100 images onto a disc and blasted it into space. The idea was that technological artifacts will outlive mankind. While aliens might never come across this capsule, its existence (and the fact that it went into space) reflect our desire to preserve history and share it with the universe. As a way to introduce yourself to the class, I’d like you to create an abridged time capsule online containing 10 images. Consider what’s important to you, where you spend your time, what inspires you and in general, what tells the story of you, specifically, in this moment. How will your time capsule obviously be from you? What can you add to your time capsule to help communicate this idea?

House your images on a website. It can be single page or multi-page. The caveat is that you’re not allowed to use type in any way. With this challenge, how can you use strong visuals to direct a user and also communicate a story?

Technical Requirements