Design 2B: Experimental Computing

Week 4


Thursday, In Class


  • Review these examples of text based art paying special attention to how meaning is added to the text/content based on how and where it’s used.
  • Choose an idea for the source of your maxims (this was technically homework last week, but I’d like you to continue thinking about it) and source all the content in channel. While you’re using text that has already been published in some capacity, you shouldn’t rely on pre-existing lists. For example, rather than finding an article called “15 best news article names” you can come up with a system of collecting 15 news articles in a systematic way. For example – what happens when you compare the first article on 15 different news sites on one day? Or, what if you select a specific topic you’re interested in to collect. We’re going to look at this next week so please have all of your content saved as individual posts in your channnel.
  • Based on the notes from above, create 3 wire frame sketches for your maxims project. Consider how the project will be experienced – all on one page? Individual pages? Are you able to navigate to and from each individual maxim? These can be done by hand or in another program of your choice, and should be uploaded to your channel, as well.
  • Reading: Charles Broskoski on self-discovery that happens upon revisiting things you’ve accumulated over time with discussion question.
  • Continue posting to your instagram account