Design 2B: Experimental Computing

Week 10


Thursday, In Class

  • Ed presents on Luna Maurer and Studio Moniker
  • Look at in class sketches from last week, place the links in the final section here
  • Project has been extended by one week: project is due April 18th. Review change s in project page.
  • Week 10 Activites: Generative Posters techniques and animations
  • Work on project while I come around and meet with everyone one on one


  • Decide on a concept for your project. Add 10 pieces of research to your channel. This can include code snippets, tutorials, image research etc.
  • Working in the browser, create 2 drafts of your poster generator. These sketches should revolve around the same idea and can play around with different effects.
  • Reading: Too Much World: Is the Internet Dead? – Hito Steyerl